Boat RoomEdit

The Boat Room, is a section of docks wich is frequented by campers. Most of the matches take place in the boat room sniping or countering the boat room sniping.

Boat YardEdit

The Boat yard is a long corridor to the right of the boat room. Heroes on the counter boat room team spawn here.


The Barn is a section of the map in Zukovsky Spawn. it is a large barn with skylights going in. it also leads to a back alley which is used to spawn.

MI6 SpawnEdit

MI6 Spawn in the back of the map facing the boat room. The spawn point has much cover but has no roof. They are usually the first to take the boat room.

Zukovsky SpawnEdit

Zukovsky Spawn is Right under the boat room but they have to go around to get into the boat room.